In-Store Repair Terms of Service

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Customer Responsibility to Pick Up Mobile Devices, Computers and Other Electronics

Due to space limitations, Matrix Mobile Inc. requests that you pick up your mobile device, computer and other electronics promptly.

If electronics that are left with Matrix Mobile Inc. are not picked up within 45 days after being notified by Matrix Mobile Inc. that your product has been serviced, Matrix Mobile Inc. will consider your electronics abandoned and may dispose of your electronics in accordance with applicable municipal bylaws along with provinical and federal laws. You agree to hold Matrix Mobile Inc. harmless for any damage or claim for the abandoned property (as stated in the signed work order every customer receives before the repair process is initiated), which we may discard or recycle at our sole discretion 45 days from customer being notified that your product has been serviced.

Liquid Damage Diagnostic and Board Cleaning Service

You understand that due to the nature of liquid damage, a device that may arrive in “working” or “partially working” condition with liquid damage present, may not work after the diagnostic is performed. Liquid causes corrosion and rust on many components which can result in reduced device functionality after disassembly and re-assembly.

You understand that if a device is operable upon arrival it is recommended that you back up the device before leaving it to be diagnosed. Matrix Mobile Inc. is not responsible for any data loss/ non-working devices after a diagnostic is performed in the presence of liquid damage.

You understand that the goal of a liquid cleaning service is to get the motherboard of the device in an operable condition. This service does not include non-integrated parts such as physical buttons, batteries, Wi-Fi cards/cables, or any other components that are not built into the motherboard itself.

You understand that if the liquid damage motherboard cleaning service resolves all device issues, then customer will be responsible for the liquid damage motherboard cleaning fee stated on the work order.

You understand that if additional non-integrated components are needed to fix the device, you will be contacted with a detailed price quote. If you elects to proceed with the replacement of non-integrated components, the liquid damage cleaning fee will be waved.

You understand that if the motherboard cleaning service does not restore full functionality to the motherboard of the device (meaning the phone cannot be fully repaired), there will be no charge for the motherboard cleaning service.

In-Store Cameras

In-store cameras are used to assist in loss prevention and to protect the valuable internal and customer belongings while you are in the store. Footage from in-store cameras is never used for marketing purposes without consent and the footage is destroyed every 72 hours. Footage may be released to law enforcement officials at any time upon request.