Buy & Sell Phones or Tablets Locally in Winnipeg, MB

  • Sell Your Phone Local For Cash

    Convert your old, broken, damaged or otherwise useless phones for cash today! We buy devices that  With 2 retail locations in Winnipeg, we are your source for a great place to sell your device and get it appraised by an experienced team that lives  and breathes mobile device repairs for a living.

  • Buy Quality Refurbished Devices

    Avoid the headaches of meeting a weird guy off Kijiji in Tim Hortons with our stock of refurbished phones. New phones can be quite, expensive so we stock a full range of hand-inspected and warrantied phones. All devices have been refurbished by our team of techs in-house and are guaranteed for 90 days.

  • Certified Refurbished Devices With A Limited Lifetime Warranty

    If there was ever a local business to warranty a gently used phone it would be Matrix Mobile. Our techs work on phones everyday and have diagnosed everything from water damaged phones to those that are often considered beyond repair. All our refurbished phones are proudly sold with a 90 day warranty that doesn’t cover physical or liquid damage but protects you from everything else that could go wrong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the value of my phone?

Generally speaking, the age, aesthetic condition  and capacity of the storage will determine how much we can give you for your device. Older phones naturally go down in value, with newer phones demanding a higher price tag. Certain phones hold their value very well though, for example the iPhone 6 has seen sustained demand over the past 2-3 years and is one of the most popular handsets on the market.

My phone has < insert issue here > can you still buy it?

Matrix Mobile is Winnipeg’s busiest and most professional repair shop. We not only replace broken screens and batteries, but can diagnose board level issues which many other repair shops will refuse to look into. This makes us the best option in Winnipeg for getting a damaged or cosmetically imperfect phone sold for cash. No matter what the problem is don’t hesitate to contact us using the form to the right!

I still have questions. Can you help?

We’re always here to help, if you’d prefer to come in and have your device appraised, or give us a call we can be reached at (204) 979-8059

Go to Settings > General > About and the IMEI is the 15-digit string listed beside IMEI