ClearPlex™ Protection

CLEARPLEX™ Custom Screen Protection has arrived.

CLEARPLEX Screen Protection is one of the most popular screen protection options available for today’s market, and is offered by leading wireless retailers throughout the world, like Best Buy. Matrix Mobile has made a move to installing CLEARPLEX Screen protection in house in our stores.


CLEARPLEX is the leader in custom screen protection:

    Optically clear, doesn’t alter visibility or brightness
    Smooth to the touch, just like glass and only 0.2mm thin 
    Strong, won’t break and is impact resistant, and self healing
    Sensitive, maintains screen responsiveness

Visit us in store to get ClearPlex Protection. We have 2 locations in Winnipeg:

842 St Mary’s Road, St Vital 

666 St. James Street, Polo Park

Custom Made Screen protection plans for all your devices, Applied In Store.

Customers appreciate the low initial cost of CLEARPLEX as well as the ongoing lower cost of ownership. Tempered glass does feel very nice, but its designed to break during an impact so that your phone or tablet screen doesn’t. CLEARPLEX Screen Protection feels slippery smooth like glass, but is actually a polyurethane-based protective shield that doesn’t break upon impact.

Another benefit of CLEARPLEX Screen Protection is it’s customization options – each CLEARPLEX Screen Protector is cut-to-order for your specific phone or tablet model, as well as for it’s intended use. For instance, a larger edge-to-edge cust is available if you don’t plan to use a protective case with your phone. If you do plan to use it with a case (we always recommend a combination of screen protection and case), we can cut the CLEARPLEX Screen Protector to allow for space at the edges so as to not interfere with the fitment of the case. Of course one of the big benefits of CLEARPLEX Screen Protection is the fact that it wraps around edges – so you’re always assured a great fit!

Why ClearPlex™ Screen Protection?

We offer a seamless way to get ClearPlex installed, simply visit one of our locations and we can get ClearPlex installed in as little as 5 minutes.

ClearPlex is completely invisible, self-healing, and completely scratch resistant, we have tested ClearPlex in our stores and we have found this to be the best screen protection in the industry as of today.

If you have a newer Android it probably has a curved screen, and chances are its very tough to find a good screen protection solution. ClearPlex is meant for phones with curves. Its designed in a way where it wraps around the complete surface of the screen. No other screen protection solution on the market can do this.

ClearPlex keep the smooth to the touch feel your screen originally had. It will feel just like your screen did.